Ιανουαριος 2020


In my work, I explore and use the possibilities that my means of expression offer me, in order to communicate my thoughts and feelings to the viewer.

The specific works that I submitted for this exhibition, concern the plethora of influences, situations and emotions that we are called to manage, at a time when everything is changing, with speeds that people find difficult to watch and that very often bring them to beast and acrobatic position. An acrobat on a tightrope, trying to coordinate, balance and cope with the obligations of everyday life, but without betraying his expectations, while at the same time fighting his own personal monsters, guilt, inadequacies and fears

My Approach!

My work (any and every artwork actually) has a life of its own. Life moulds us and changes us. Our work evolves as we go through life.

The ideas and feelings change. The technique improves.

Ideas and feelings can be therefore expressed in a more articulate manner, while the work retains its identifying qualities.

Art is the depiction of a journey. Walk down this road with me.

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