Group Exhibition


Galley MYRO, 30/06 – 04/07/2020

The new series of works, is very different, at first reading from my previous work. First of all, these are abstract works, while my previous work was – at least in part – documentary.
However, the new works have common elements in their conception with the series “Labyrinths …” and “Pop Angst”, because here too there are structures, resulting from the citation of small but not identical elements and a sense of organic matter, so the end result refers to wings or leaves or a wave preparing to burst.
The aim is to trap the gaze, to lead it to explore, this rhythmic, wavy movement, which is born of a hypnotic mood, as a process of meditation, an emptying of the self, resulting from an inner need to transcend the trivial and everyday. , which cuts your wings and keeps you low.
This meditation exercise, similarly, I would say, to conception, with Kusama’s recurring spots, just on a smaller, at least for now, scale, also hides a sense of erotic fantasy, due to the material of the works, which refers to fabric or leather and luxury underwear.